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5 Effective Ways to Drive Fast Traffic for Your New Website

Almost in all cases, one of the major motives behind building a website is to provide a platform where “people” can interact with your brand anytime, anywhere. Hence, the significance of web traffic. Running a website can be dissatisfying when it seems to be getting no traffic. This is a fact that new web owners can relate with.

SEO is a sure way to start driving crazy traffic to any website that’s intentional about its SEO strategy. However, this often takes a long while before you can start seeing significant results. So long that a new website owner may not want to wait. Not to worry, there are other proven ways to get fast traffic to a new website.

This article will address the different strategies you can employ to increase traffic on a new website. If religiously followed, we assure you of as much traffic as you need.

5 effective ways to drive fast traffic to your website

1. Provide relevant and valuable content

With the rate at which information is circulated these days, the attention span of an average audience is so low. Whatever will steal their attention has to be relevant, informative, valuable and more importantly, entertaining – however minimal.

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For every other strategy that will be mention in this article to work, you must endure you provide relevant and valuable content. Understand your audience: their pain points, interests, aspiration, etc.

Once achieved, try as much as possible to design content that appeals to their attention. This way, they will naturally develop an affinity for your brand and look forward to your content.

2. Guest post

There sure are existing websites in your industry that accept guest posts. You should reach out to popular players in the industry, build rapport with them to so It doesn’t seem you’re only after using their platform to sell your brand.

Once this is established, you can push forward the idea of providing content that will surely be useful to their audience would love.

For a website that accepts guest posts, the success rate is high. Mind you when you create the content and you insert an anchor text within, be sure to no-follow it so it doesn’t seem like a link building tactic.

You don’t want to strike as playing smart. By creating a link to your website strategically, readers are bound to check out your website to get more from where it came.

3. Paid Ads

fast traffic for new website

As mentioned earlier, SEO is awesome, nothing beats It when it comes to organic traffic and sustainability. However, for a new site that needs the awareness or an existing site that wants to leverage specific periods of time to make sales.

Under these circumstances, paid ads will do well to help the business achieve its short-term goals. The idea is to bid for keywords that the business wants to rank for so as to appear on the first page of SERPs whenever anyone searches for information around the solution they offer.

4. Comment on other blogs in your industry

Beyond your audience reach, you can also leverage other blogs in your industry by consistently using the comment section. How do you do this? Read articles from other blogs and drop your thoughts in the comment section. Note that you’re not expected to drop a comment as an average reader would.

As an aspiring thought leader, you can provide detailed feedback on the article, ensuring it’s valuable and interesting. While doing that, ensure you add a link to your website.

When Readers find your comment useful, they most likely would check you out either to get more value from you or just out of curiosity. Either way, it’s additional traffic for you and you could make perpetual readers out of them given that the No. 1 Strategy (provide relevant and valuable content) is duly observed.

5. Leverage social media

fast traffic for new website

This is more like sure adrenaline for driving traffic to your website, as long as your social media strategy is in order. The benefits inherent in using social media cannot be overstated. An average person spends over 2 hours on social media daily. This is where your audience hangs out, the new law in marketing says you meet them where they hang out.

To leverage social media means to create awareness for new posts across your social media accounts. With a well-strategized social media plan, tons of traffic will be generated from across all platforms and regardless of the conversion rate, you would have gotten free traffic for your content just by sharing on social media.

Another way to it is to insert share and tweet buttons on your page. This will encourage readers to share content they find interesting on their accounts, making it visible to their audience who may not be following you. Hence, gaining more audience reach.



6. Host a giveaway contest

fast traffic for new website

Regardless of the color, age, gender or race. This works like magic! Nothing pulls more traffic than giveaway contests and it never gets old. This should be designed to pull traffic to your website. You could capitalize on social media reach to create awareness.

One of the ways you can maximize this campaign is to get people to participate by dropping their email addresses. A hot lead magnet, right? You could also add shares to the requirements.


For any website to fulfill its purpose, it needs remarkable traffic. While the SEO strategy is ongoing. You should leverage these strategies as well to at least compensate for your effort. We hope you find this article helpful. To brush up on the strategies discussed earlier, the effective ways you can drive fast traffic for your new website include

  • Provide relevant and valuable content
  • Guest post
  • Paid Ads
  • Comment on other blogs in your industry
  • Leverage social media
  • Host a giveaway contest

Do you think we omitted some other strategies? kindly share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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