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Top 5 Freelance Platforms to Start a Side Hustle

The digital world is an industry that allows for full-time work and at the same time, a side hustle. This is because of its flexibility. For most digital skills, all you need to execute a project is your laptop, electricity, and access to the internet.

This allows you to work anywhere at any time. According to studies, individuals with digital skills have the chance to manage a fulltime job as well as a freelance profile conveniently.

Depending on individual preference, some people choose to freelance as a side hustle or while others become full-time freelancers.

Perhaps, you are bored of your constant schedule of waking up very early to resume work and you are not able to tend to some personal activities when the need arises, or you need an additional source of income. With digital skills, any work/life balance is attainable.

A misconception about freelancing is that you are able to avoid work stress when you are a full-time freelancer. Well, this is not exactly true. However, you can schedule your projects anyhow you like, unlike a full-time job where you have to be in the office almost every day.

Another fact about freelancing is that for you to be a successful freelancer, you have to be intentional about personal branding because it is not about what you know, but what people know you know.

Here are 5 platforms that use your digital skills to start a side hustle.

1. Fiverr

freelance platform

Fiverr currently is the largest freelance platform with over 50 million transactions made. The platform offers a global market to skill sets such as digital marketing, content writing and translation, graphics and designs and more.

Fiverr ensures professionals (sellers) get their pay after completing a project by collecting money from the employer (buyer) upfront and delivers to the seller of skill after the work is done.

Most startup companies that do not have the financial strength to shoulder full agency’s charges often leverage on freelance platforms to get their job done. This is a good opportunity you can leverage on as a start to build your portfolio and stretch your creativity as well as get paid for it.

2. Upwork


freelance platform

Upwork is more of a freelance platform for highly skilled professionals. The platform currently connects experts with over 15 million businesses across the globe.

With their vision of connecting businesses with great talent to work without limits, Upwork prides in having over 12 million registered freelancers. Upwork pricing model is designed to encourage higher-value and longer-time projects.

This means as a freelancer, you can expect recurring projects from a client you’ve worked for, instead of always looking for clients to work for.

3. Asuqu

freelance platform

Asuqu is a Nigerian platform for SMEs and startups. It allows for the connection of creatives and potential customers in Africa. It aims to remove the traditional barriers to innovation, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

4. Dirlance



Dirlance is a freelance enabling community where professionals in Nigeria gets connected to businesses that require their skill sets.

The platform hosts professionals with skill sets such as SEO, web developers, creative writing, editing and proofreading, social media marketing and many more.

5. Justfrom5k

freelance platform

Justfrom5k is basically a freelance platform where anyone can find basic errands as well as professional projects, bid for it, complete the task satisfactorily and get paid.


There you have it. We just shared 5 foreign and Nigerian freelance platforms where you can work as a freelancer, expand your digital skills and make money. As a recap, they are:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Asuqu
  • Dirlance
  • Justfrom5k

If you have any other freelance skills you’d like us to add, kindly leave a comment below.

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