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Top 5 ways To Write a Compelling Email Subject Line

Any form of content requires a catchy subject line that will entice subscribers to open the content and read the detailed body. The significance of headlines to any form of writing cannot be overemphasized.

According to optinmonster, 47% of emails are opened only because of the subject line. This proves that subject lines are a major influence on the number of open rates. It is then safe to say an unsuccessful email marketing campaign can be traced to the quality of the headline used.

In this age of strict competition among brands in the same industry, businesses are always improving on how to communicate with their audience, leveraging on digital marketing efforts which include email marketing. An average email subscriber is overwhelmed daily by hundreds of email marketing in his inbox.

All he does is read through the subject lines to see which of the messages will be of the utmost value to him before he clicks and reads the content.

This is why you need to understand the scope behind an award-winning newsletter subject title. The quality of your subject line can make or mar the outcome of your email marketing campaign.

In this article, we have compiled 5 factors that guarantee a compelling newsletter subject line which will definitely improve your email marketing open rate.

1. Make Your Subject Line Simple, Smart and Specific

The idea of sending out a mail is to communicate important information and making a grand impression in the minds of your subscribers. The last thing you want is to use words that subscribers can’t understand at a glance.

They are overwhelmed with emails and other activities they need to cover before the end of the day. Having to check the dictionary to understand your mail is not what they would want to add to their daily task.

Sincerely, some will open the mail just so they can scroll to the bottom part and unsubscribe because they don’t want what will make their day more difficult.

Also, ensure your subject is smart such that it is able to pass meaningful information regardless of the type of device used.

Most subscribers will probably read with mobile devices so you need to make your subject simple, short and smart so that part of it doesn’t get cut off.

A good newsletter title should be meaningful at first sight. This encourages subscribers to open it. Another factor you should consider is specificity. You should avoid ambiguity as much as you can. Avoid using general words.

For example, instead of using a title like “why you should use X product” you can go for a more specific title like “5 ways X product will transform your look”. Ensure subscribers’ thoughts don’t run wild after reading your title.

2. Offer concise and relevant content

Regardless of the quality of your subject line, what is also important is what you have in the body or content of the newsletter. This is because a great title will only get subscribers to open your mail once, but valuable content will make them avid readers such that they will long for your next email.

With the fierce competition for attention among businesses, people don’t want to do much reading before getting the needed information.

They want quick answers from experts that they can read, learn and digest in a few minutes while being entertained. Creating valuable and reader-friendly content will support the effort of the headline and in the long run. You’ll be known for valuable content thank a weak title can be pardoned or even go unnoticed.

3. Checklist/number format

People are more interested in well-organized information than a comprehensive white paper.

For example, “website design explained” and “9 complete steps to design a world-class website”. Which of the 2 titles would you prefer reading? The latter of course!

There is a lot of things subjects with numbers communicate, they portray confidence, expertise, arrangement as well as concision.

Most subscribers will be prompted to open the mail just as soon as they see it because it doesn’t look like it will take much of their time. Quick tip formats attract more readers than a long paragraph.

However, when an email subject looks like a report, even people who are interested will think of reading it when they have much time on their hands. The reality is, they will eventually forget about it.

4. Stimulate curiosity

An effective way to compel subscribers to open and read your emails is to leverage on their curiosity. By nature, the average human is curious.

We just can’t help it when we have no idea about something. Starting your titles with words like “revealed, exposed, or solved” is a great way to leverage on human curiosity.

Even if it is a topic they’ve heard about in the past, the curious nature will prick them to open so they can learn something new about the topic.

Mind you, you should not use this when you really don’t have a new thing to offer. That may just tarnish your image and they will think you’re just a sham.

5. Personalize for relevance

With the help of email marketing tools such as MailChimp, you can broadcast and at the same time communicate with each subscriber as though the mail was specially sent. Awesome right?

Imagine sending a newsletter to hundreds of subscribers and each of them sees their name on the subject of the mail. They definitely would want to know what a whole business wants to tell them exclusively.

The concept of “Hey Isaac” always works better compared to “Dear subscriber”. Get the gist, right? Read on.

You should also make sure to structure the content in a conversational manner. Studies have proven that people prefer to read a conversational write up than the one that lectures them. Just like you can chat with a friend for 5 hours but feel drowsy in a 1-hour lecture

Attempt to write as though you are having a conversation by using “You”. this will make subscribers feel relevant and of course, they will be aware of the fact that they matter to you and that they are not just another number in your email list.


You don’t want your efforts of writing valuable content to help your subscribers go to waste just because they judge the book by its cover.

They can’t be blamed anyway. The competition for attention is really tough and you just have to up your game.

Ensure you take time to write awesome subject lines for them and they will surely open your newsletters to read what you have to offer. Remember, the body of the email has to match the subject or else, the open rate will reduce no matter how catchy the subject is.

If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave a comment below.

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