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7 Major Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

In this digital era, information is closer and more accessible than ever, the growth of online presence for businesses and individuals is consistent and rapid. In January 2019, social media penetration in the overall world and Nigeria population is 45% and 12% respectively.

This is to prove that the benefits offered by social media presence cannot be underestimated. With every business leveraging digital strategies to improve their marketing efforts, all the effort would be futile if the social media strategy is dead.

This is because social media platforms host numerous potential customers and all you need to do is to be strategic about your content. The more active and customer-centric your social media presence is, the more potential customers you’re likely to win over to become buyers and ultimately, brand advocates.

In this age and time, a business that doesn’t have social media presence is not serious about its growth and will find it very difficult – if not impossible – to survive. Right in this article, we will be touching the 7 major reasons why social media is a must for your business, better still, the major benefits you stand to get when you leverage social media platforms to market your business.

7 major reasons why your business needs social media

1. Borderless brand awareness

With over 3.2 billion people on social media globally, which is approximately 42%, almost half the entire population of the whole world, social media provides the widest reach possible for any business to broadcast its awareness to its existing and potential customers.

An average Instagram user spends an average time of 53 minutes on the platform per day. You can leverage this attention to market your business to your potential customers where they hang out.

These platforms also allow boosting of posts which enables your content to be seen by your target audience, whether or not they actively follow your account on the platform. 97% of marketers now use social media platforms to reach their audience.

2. Builds brand trust

The importance of social proof in business growth cannot be overemphasized. According to studies, 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. People naturally check online for people’s reviews regarding your business. Being active on social media builds the perception that your brand is transparent.

This is because word of mouth than they believe the marketer. As far as they know, a marketer will say anything just to get them to buy from him. However, when a third-party talks about the positive experience the business offered when he interacted with it, perception is based on such information.

3. Fosters communication

reasons for social media

Social media doesn’t just allow you to market your business to your audience. On the contrary, social media allows the business and its customers to engage and interact with each other, thereby encouraging free communication between your brand and the customer.

With the advancement in technology, an average customer wants to access information anywhere anytime. Instead of thinking of showing up at your mortar office, your customers can easily communicate with you right in their rooms, making you more accessible compared to your competitors not capitalizing on social media.

4. Personifies your business

With almost half of the world population active on social media, people are more aware than ever before. Aside from words of mouth either online or from personal recommendations, people are often interested and are loyal to a business that is able to transact with them as though it is concerned about them.

Either by sharing valuable content or pushing how its product or service has been beneficial to users. Online reputation management is key and social media makes it possible. You can leverage these platforms to create human connections with your audience and gain their trust by so doing.

5. Increased sales

With social media, you are able to reach numerous target audiences and engage with them right from creating awareness to getting them to trust your brand and eventually make purchases perpetually.

Through the boost marketing strategy available on each platform, you can increase the reach of your content, thereby making a lot of the first impressions and creating problem awareness and how your business solves the problem best in the industry.

This will create awareness, bring people to your page to learn more, get them to follow your account, and eventually get them to make the purchase when they are ready.

6. Keeps you top of mind

reasons for social media

The average person spends approximately 2 hours on social media every day. This means there’s a possibility of your business interacting with the target audience on a daily basis. By consistently sharing valuable, informative an entertaining content on your accounts, you are able to interact with your customers each time they come online.

This registers your brand unconsciously and whenever they need the solution you provide; your brand pops up in their mind and reaching you is as easy as going online and sending you a private message or pick your contact from your bio.

7. A better understanding of your customers

Most social media platforms have inbuilt analytics which keeps records of the kind of people that interact with your account, the time they interact with it, age range, gender, and other information.

These demographics will help you have a better understanding of who your customers are and you can base your subsequent plans on this information and streamline your efforts to be laser-focused on your audience.


Truly, all the articles in this world cannot do justice to the benefits a business stands to gain by leveraging social media to compensate its marketing efforts. A quick recap on the benefits earlier listed.

  • Borderless brand awareness
  • Builds brand trust
  • Fosters communication
  • Personifies your business
  • Increased sales
  • Keeps you top of mind
  • A better understanding of your customers

Your business is bound to enjoy these benefits and many more if you leverage social media marketing to grow your brand.

Depending on your schedule and resources, you may want to outsource to a result-driven digital marketing agency or learn the rudiments of social media marketing yourself by enrolling in an intensive digital marketing training.

We hope you find this article helpful. For questions and suggestions, kindly use the comment section.

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