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7 Online Platforms to Learn Digital Skills for Free

Money should not be the reason why something important should not be done. – Tayo Olosunde

The nature of the workplace in the 21st century is becoming more value-centric. The world we live in often celebrates people with valuable skills. People who through the skills they possess, are able to solve problems, make life better or reduce cost.

Regardless of the results, the fact remains that to make significant changes in this fast-evolving digital world, one needs to possess digital skills that guarantee the ability to tackle the problems strategically. The importance of digital skills cannot be overstated.

However, quite a large number of people are unable to learn these skills due to a number of reasons which include

  • Lack of finance
  • Tight schedule
  • Ignorance of the benefits of digital skills

If the lack of finance is the major problem, here are 7 online platforms you can learn these in-demand skills for free.

7 Online Platforms to Learn Digital Skills for Free Online

1. Freecodecamp

free digital skills training freecodecamp

As the name suggests, free code camp is an online platform that provides free training in coding from the beginner to the expert level. The platform provides priceless opportunity to learn coding skills in HTM5, CSS3, JavaScript among others.

With over 5000 tutorials, it boasts of millions of students, many of whom are graduates and now provide real-time support to beginners in the support forums.

The forum is well organized, having different subforums like career advice, JavaScript, project feedback and many more, giving students the opportunity to share their issues they’re facing and get help as quickly as possible.

2. Sololearn

free digital skill training sololearn

Sololearn offers a free, fun and interesting platform where learners can learn coding for free and have fun as they learn. It thrives on ensuring that learning coding doesn’t have to be boring. With sololearn, you can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The platform also has an app for iOS and Android phones making it flexible and enjoyable. Skills training covered include python 3, C++, SQL, JavaScript and lots more.

The platform has a support group which is known as “discuss” where learners get to ask questions about their projects and get answers from other experts. With over 1600 lessons, sololearn has over 30 million learners all over the world, learning how to code for free.

3. Dataquest

free digital skill training dataquest

Dataquest is a team of 26 remote developers around the world whose mission is to help any willing individual to learn data science for free or at an affordable rate. They offer data skills to people new to the skill and people looking to take a step up in their career.

With Dataquest, you can learn data analysis, data visualization, python, and more. There are over 60 lessons available in their free learning section.

4. YouTube

free digital skills training youtube

YouTube is probably the biggest and most complete learning platform – you can learn just anything in the world of “HOWTOs”. And just as you already know, it is absolutely free. Truth is, almost all the other platforms have accounts on YouTube and often share training videos through their accounts.

Apart from that, there are tens of thousands of experts all over the world who also leverage this platform to share their knowledge and new discoveries with people.

All you need to do is get on the platform, use the search console, input the topic you want to learn and be exposed to unlimited possibilities of knowledge for free.

5. Coursera

free digital skills training coursera

Coursera is one of the platforms where people are able to access courses ranging from personal development, computer science, business management and lots more.

The courses are provided by reputable institutions international institutions around the world such as Yale, Princeton, University of Michigan, Duke University, among others. Courses are opened for every individual for free but to obtain a certificate, payment is required.

6. Edx

free digital skills training edx

This platform offers to individuals, the opportunity to accelerate or enhance their career for free by providing a platform that allows for self-paced learning, anytime, anywhere. Among the popular subjects offered are data science, digital marketing, engineering, and others.

The platform partners with schools and institutions such as Harvard University, University of California, university of oxford, Boston university and more.

7. Futurelearn

free digital skill learning futurelearn

Futurelearn, with the mission to transform access to education, is a learning platform that enables people to learn new skills, pursue their interests and advance their careers by providing lessons in several categories such as tech and coding, creative arts and media, business and management and lots more.

The platform partners with renowned institutions across the world like the university of cape town, university of Glasgow, Colorado state university and others.


There you have it! Money should not be the reason why something important should not be done. Financial restraint should not be enough reason why you lack relevant skills in this age where information is accessible to everyone and anyone that is willing.

Leverage the information provided in this article and become a better and improved version of yourself. A quick recap of the platforms mentioned in this article.

• Freecodecamp
• Sololearn
• Dataquest
• YouTube
• Coursera
• Edx
• Futurelearn


We hope you find this article helpful. Do you questions or other free platforms you’d like to share? kindly leave a comment below.

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