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9 Solid Reasons Digital Marketing is a Must for your Business Growth

Business owners – regardless of the industry, whether service or product – are driven by two major factors which are: the quest to provide the ultimate solution to a clearly defined problem and secondly to make reasonable returns in the process to ensure the continuity and expansion of the business.

To accomplish these two things, organizations need to create awareness and affinity and also attempt to drive significant engagement and patronage for their business. This is because a business without a continuous flow of patronage/customers is as good as dead.

Most organizations, in order to grow their businesses to a renowned and successful enterprise of their dream, they invest in the usual means of advertising – traditional advertising. They can choose to run a market activation campaign or buy airtime in local media stations.

This type of advertising often brings home some engagement and returns. Nevertheless, it is often too expensive for startups and may not drive significant returns that commensurate with the investment.

However, with the advent of digital advertising, businesses – irrespective of their size or industry – are provided with great benefits that are bound to transform any business that capitalizes on them.

This article seeks to establish the benefits of digital marketing for your business growth.

9 Reasons Digital Marketing is a must for your Business growth  

1. Meeting your customers on their own terms

The fast-paced advancement in technology has made information accessible, more than ever. People now sit in the comfort of their homes to do almost anything and know as much as they desire as long as they have access to the internet.

Based on this fact, people prefer to learn information comfortably, a business that refuses to capitalize on the opportunities provided by the internet by making its information available to people whenever they go searching for it will not have a voice in its industry.

Even after learning about your product from a friend or colleague, they would still make personal research on your business to confirm what they’ve learned. It would be an advertising suicide if they search online about your business and they are unable to find helpful contents that will satisfy their curiosity.

2. Cost-effectiveness/ROI

As a business owner who is intentional about business growth, you would ensure that every dime is accounted for. Digital marketing with the help of analytics provides relevant information on your marketing efforts; the ones that worked and the ones that did not work.

With this insight, you can make an informed decision to capitalize on the efforts that bring higher returns and optimize the other one to generate the desired result. This is one thing traditional advertising cannot provide. Most times, marketing efforts are made with no means to measure the results.

3. Allows timely and insightful feedback

Social media, an important element of digital marketing allows the effective flow of information between the business and its customers. Customers (prospective/existing) get to express their feelings about your product which may be good or bad.

From this feedback, you can gain insights on how your business is perceived by your customers, what they want as well as how they want you to advertise to them.

4. Fosters promotion of brand identity

Once your business is up and running, the next thing is to create awareness. Digital marketing provides a wider coverage of audiences which allows you to create a brand’s recognition to as many people as possible.

It also allows for remarketing which ensures consistency such that people who see your brand don’t forget about it soon.

You can leverage on digital marketing to promote your brand by sharing consistent content across all social media platforms as well as working on your SEO and running Ads to ensure your business is seen whenever anyone goes looking online.

5. Ensures you meet your customers where they hang out and spend

According to studies, 50% of Nigeria’s population, which amounts to 98.39 million people are internet users, this has a significant increase from what it was a year ago.

This proves that more people are becoming part of the online audience every day.

Also, 24 million people are active social media users. This provides a reasonable amount of audience which any form of business can market to, compared to the much-limited coverage traditional advertising provides.

6. Certifies the authenticity and transparency of your business

Naturally, an average person would believe the word of mouth from existing customers than they would believe any form of advertisement from the business. Most people just see advertisements as business marketing to them just to make sales.

However, social proof from a number of customers about the authenticity and reliability of your product or service goes a long way in converting visitors to customers.

Digital marketing provides the chance of capitalizing on reviews from satisfied customers to create a new customer base. Good reviews from people with real accounts on social media platforms automatically convert with no effort on your side. Take advantage of it.

7. Streamlined efforts

Integrating digital strategies into your marketing efforts ensures that you invest your resources into channels that work. Digital marketing enables you to focus your marketing efforts on your target audience.

By having a clear understanding of who your customers are, you will be aware of information such as what they like, their goals, what drives them and most importantly, how and when they want to be marketed to.

Rather than the one fits all approach of traditional marketing; you get to focus on the approach that works and keep optimizing it to get the best result possible result for your business.

8. Provides you a leveled ground in your industry

In traditional advertising, bigger organizations in a particular industry often make the biggest impression in the market by pushing as many funds as possible into their marketing efforts.

The efforts of small businesses with limited financial capacity often seem like a voice in a chorus.

Digital marketing levels the field between large and small businesses by allowing small businesses to compete significantly without facing bankruptcy. With more targeted efforts that digital marketing provides, small businesses get to optimize every penny to the fullest, thereby bringing returns that would have required a bigger advertising budget.

9. Makes you accessible to your customers

In this age and time, people go online to ask questions about anything. You sure want to be there when they go searching about what you do. Having a presence online will allow people to know about your business without leaving their rooms.

A website provides online presence which ensures your customers reach you any time of the day, even when your business is closed.

It also ensures that your prospective and existing customers get to transact with your business without your presence. It does the work of a salesperson and a customer service agent 24/7. You sure want to get such a system for your business.


In this age, customers are used to accessing information right in the comfort of their homes. As a business that wants to market to today’s customers, you have to include digital strategies in your marketing efforts. without an online presence, a business barely exists. we’ve highlighted 9 benefits digital marketing can provide for your business. A quick recap.

  • Meeting your customers on their own terms
  • Cost-effectiveness/ROI
  • Allows timely and insightful feedback
  • Fosters promotion of brand identity
  • Ensures you meet customers where they hang out and spend
  • Certifies the authenticity and transparency of your business
  • Streamlined efforts
  • provides you a leveled ground in your industry
  • Makes you accessible to your customers

These and many more are benefits your business is bound to enjoy when you invest in digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

We hope you find this helpful. Kindly drop your thoughts or questions in the comment section.


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