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7 Steps to Ensure a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

A business is considered successful when it is able to perpetually acquire as many customers as possible for its product or service. This goal almost answers for every objective of a business. Hence, entrepreneurs’ relentless efforts to acquire and maintain loyal customers for their businesses.

Recently, businesses have been intentional about their marketing efforts. Most businesses have adopted digital strategies to complement existing marketing efforts. This is done all in the quest to acquire as many market shares as possible.

To this effect, various elements of digital marketing are used to achieve different goals such as creating awareness, communicating business’ value to its audience, driving traffic and ultimately, making sales.

It is important to note that no one can take the amount of traffic to the bank. Reach, impression, even traffic is good, but not good enough for the business if it is not making money from them. Hence, the need for quality and relevant lead generation.

What is lead generation? Lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’ product or service. In this article, we will be providing effective steps you can take to up your lead generation effort.

7 steps to ensure a successful lead generation campaign

1. Identify your lead generation goal

Among the many reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail is having too many goals at a time or no goal at all. Although, it seems obvious. However, it can not be overstated that you need to have a well detailed and clearly defined goal for your campaign to succeed.

As in the case of lead generation. You need to identify the bottom line which in most cases, is about generating sales.

Having a clearly defined goal will help in listing out the means of achieving the goal such as the audience, channels to be used, content development and others.

2. Understand your audience

Following a clearly defined goal, you need to build a buyer persona. This is important as the success of the campaign is majorly hinged on people’s decisions and indecisions.

Understanding your audience entails being emphatic, understanding their interests, pain points, aspirations and how all these are connected to your business.

This way, you will be able to ascertain the right channels to use and also build relevant content that they will find useful and automatically engage with it.

3. Identify and analyze your channels

Digital marketing hosts several channels that offer the widest reach possible. Depending on the goal and the target audience, a range of channels you could leverage include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and lots more.

According to studies, 81%, 64% and 40% of the age range 18-29 make use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter respectively. Insights such ad this sure provide enough information that will guide you while choosing the right channels for your lead generation campaign. Visit here for the full report.

4. Develop relevant and valuable content

Basing on your previous work regarding your target audience and preferred channel, you can further by creating content that works best for the channels selected.

Instagram is big on images; therefore, you should ensure that your creative direction portrays your message properly while looking captivating.

Content should also be perceived as valuable by users for them to even interact with it at all. Understanding your audience already gave you the idea of things that your audience will find attractive.

No matter what you do, ensure your content adds value to your customers or at least, perceived as valuable.

5. Strategize and share your content

The main purpose of creating content is to share it with people so they can use, interact, get value or carry out the desired action. Regardless of the effort directed into creating content for a campaign, if not strategically shared, it will drive little or no result.

Being strategic entails knowing the right time to push your content, being creative about different platforms that you can leverage, and the right kind of people you should target. Understand that there’s no limit to platforms you can share your content.

6. Measure performance

With your content out in the market and at arm’s length of your potential customers, you also need to engage in a continuous review to know if the campaign aligns with your goal.

Thankfully, digital marketing elements come with a special feature which they all have in common -Analytics. Measuring performance is basically about monitoring the analytics to gain insight into the progress of the campaign.

7. Optimize your campaign

When you continuously study the insight, you get from an ongoing campaign, your result will qualify the campaign as either overperforming or underperforming.

If your campaign is overperforming, kudos, you can just keep monitoring it. However, if your campaign is underperforming, which is to say you are not getting the desired result at the proposed frequency, then there is a need for you to optimize your campaign.

Optimizing your campaign could include one or more things like tweaking your content, optimizing the landing page, reviewing your general strategy or even going back to the drawing board to see what could be done differently to get the desired result.


5 Best Spying Tools for Competitive Analysis

The concept of marketing is never complete without the mention of an important element known as competition.

As unattractive as it sounds, competition is more like the test any business needs to pass excellently in order to thrive in its chosen industry.

In the sphere of digital marketing, success is often determined by a number of factors such as web ranking on SERPs, followers on social media platforms, traffic, traffic sources, open rates, click-through rates and many more.

These metrics, either on the increase or decrease, have a great impact on a business’ performance in digital marketing.

The only way your business can lead in its industry is that you do things differently and/or better than your competitors, but to be able to do this, you need to be aware of what your competitors are doing – competitive analysis.

Competitive analysis is the practice that allows a brand/business to spy on the operations, tactics, and strategies of its competitors in other to analyze and identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Information on these elements will help you identify opportunities that your competitors are not leveraging and thereby, capitalize on them. It will also highlight areas where your business outweighs your competitors.

This way, you will know areas that you need to direct more effort and establish your unique selling point in your market. The aforementioned are just a few benefits you stand to enjoy as a business owner who conducts competitive analysis.

The concept of conducting competitive analysis could be overwhelming. Speaking of going through your competitors’ websites and social media pages by yourself and trying to figure out the scopes. This is almost impossible.

Thankfully, there are a number of spying tools that make it easier, perform more efficiently and delivers more reliable results. In this article, we will be discussing 7 best spying tools for competitive analysis for your business.

5 best spying tools to conduct a competitive analysis for your business

1. Similarweb

best spying tools

Similarweb is a special tool for competitive analysis in terms of SEO and content. What it does is provides information regarding where your competitors get their traffic from as well as the demographics of the traffic.

You are likely to target the same audience as your competitors; you can therefore strategize and see how you can also generate traffic to your website from the sources revealed. Either websites or platforms.

Similarweb provides information about customers’ journey and intent. This way, you will be privy to trends in the industry as well as competitors’ online strategy.

2. Ahrefs

best spying tools ahrefs

Ahrefs is a competitive tool widely known for its specialty in monitoring organic keyword traffic. This is another tool you can use to spy on your competitor’s SEO efforts.

You get to know the keywords that drive the most traffic to your competitor’s website as well as a rough estimate of how much traffics that those keywords generate.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is another competitive tool for SEO. This tool reveals a competitor’s backlinks. This tool allows you to find a competitor’s best keywords as well as their strategies and budgets.

This information helps you to understand your competitor’s SEO strategies and also influence your content strategy to suit what works best in your industry.

4. Spyfu

best spying tools spyfu

Spyfu is a competitive analysis tool that reveals the most relevant keywords in your industry as well as the keywords that your competitor is ranking for.

By using Spyfu, you get to know the keywords that your competitor is using and how well it is working for their website. You can leverage this information to build a better keyword strategy for your business.

5. Socialinsider

best spying tools socialinsider

Socialinsider is a competitive analysis tool for social media. It provides a detailed comparison between your business and competitors in the areas of content performance, audience engagement and traffic growth.

Rather than having to manually analyze your competitor’s social media pages which could take much time than you could afford, Socialinsider automatically analyzes data and presents to you, relevant information about your competitor’s social media strategy.


Getting to know the operations that matter in your industry will go a long way to helping you create a better strategy for helping your business thrive in this highly competitive market. A quick recap of the tools mentioned.

  • Similarweb
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Spyfu
  • Socialinsider

We do hope you leverage these tools to gain significant insight into what works in your industry and to be able to gain a competitive advantage. What other tools would you recommend for an efficient competitive analysis? kindly drop your opinions in the comment section.

7 Reasons why Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail

For a business to thrive in this era of new-age marketing – characterized by tough competition, it needs to consistently win its marketing game, both traditional and online. Although, online marketing continues to gain more ground in the world of marketing.

This has led to the integration of digital marketing strategies into the marketing efforts of businesses. Any company that wants to drive results now depend on their digital marketing strategies.

However, as effective as digital marketing strategies have proven to be, a lot of businesses still find it difficult to execute campaigns and get the desired result.

Little or no result from a digital marketing campaign could be a result of so many reasons which an average business owner may care too little to notice.

Right in this article, we’ll be dealing with the most dangerous of these reasons and how a business can tackle each reason to get better results on their digital marketing efforts.

7 reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail

1. Inability to streamline the effort

Digital marketing is a broad idea that encompasses a variety of elements that can be used to drive and achieve any business goal. As awesome as it sounds, the fact remains, not all the elements will always work for every business.

In the quest to get the best from digital marketing strategies, most businesses get on any and every platform and execute every campaign that has been reported to be effective.

This often stretches the business too thin in terms of resources and also deter business growth. For a digital marketing campaign to be successful, the effort has to be laser-focused on elements that best suit your audience.

It is important you avoid being persuaded to jump on every element and eventually find it difficult to measure your effort which is key in order to optimize for better results.

2. Unoptimized landing page or website

For any digital marketing campaign, the grand idea is to get visitors or existing customers to carry out a clearly defined action. This will be unattainable if visitors leave the landing page almost immediately hey get there. The bounce rate for the average landing pages is between 70% and 90%.

Users bounce off landing pages due to several reasons like inconsistency in your landing page content and your traffic source, slow loading page among others. All these are features that make for an unoptimized landing page.

If your digital marketing campaign will be successful in terms of driving relevant traffic and being able to convert them to buying customers, you have to ensure they don’t think you’re wasting their time or deceiving them just to get them on your site.

A grave mistake a marketer would make is to attract traffic by means of offering discount and get them to land on his web homepage. It’s even worse if they get to the product page and discover there’s actually no discount for the product that got their attention.

People don’t really have the time to start navigating from your homepage, trying to get to the product page. They’ll Immediately leave the page once they realize the content contradicts what pulled them in.

For visitors who are really interested in the product, they’ll leave you page and search for your competitors to patronize them. In the case of PPC, you’ve just created awareness for a visitor and one of your competitors has just reaped the result.

3. Lack of experience

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of guides across the internet which aims at helping businesses succeed in their digital marketing strategies. These guides, as helpful as they’ve proven to be, they still do not measure up to the personal experience gained.

One of the benefits you enjoy when you outsource your digital marketing effort to a digital agency is the fact that your campaign is handled by experts who have executed similar campaigns more than they can count and have a high success rate.

Not demeaning the idea of DIY. However, there’s no crime in getting it right the first time. Running digital marketing campaigns for your business by yourself is a good idea, only that it entails a few mistakes which of course could lead to a waste of money, time and effort.

However, hiring a competent and result-driven team to run your digital marketing campaign to grow your business will save you the stress and you can be assured of significant results.

4. Too many goals at a time

A common mistake made by business owners is that they believe since digital marketing is a system that works, they can kill as many birds as possible just with a stone.

That sure sounds wise right? However, in digital marketing, each goal has a specific strategy that works best for it. Trying to achieve too many goals at a go will lack focus which can confuse the buyer and lead to wastage of traffic.

To get maximum results possible from digital marketing campaigns, you should have a clearly defined goal. This will determine your plans in terms of content, channels, and ROI.

Trying to juggle many balls at a time will stretch you too thin and you may eventually not achieve measurable results for any of the goals.

5. Little or no understanding of the audience

Every digital marketing campaign is designed to create an awareness (of a move) by a business to its customers and to get them to perform a defined action regarding that move.

It is important that this pool of people is well understood by the marketer. Their interests, pain points, pursuits, even schedules. Knowing where your audience hangs out will help you avoid spending on irrelevant channels and you can direct your effort on the ones that work.

This is why digital marketers possess soft skills like empathy. It allows you to position yourself as the customer and view things from their standpoint.

Regardless of how valuable your content is, customers won’t realize it if it’s not communicated to them in the language they understand. As far as digital marketing is concerned, building the right buyer persona boosts a campaign’s success rate.

6. Failure to learn from competitors

Regardless of your perceived value in your industry, competitive research is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. Avoid thinking of this as copying your competitors. Rather, see it as learning from mistakes and doing better than what has been done.

An intending campaign might have been attempted by one of your competitors in the past, gaining knowledge on the performance and response from the audience would help you avoid some mishaps and of course, allows for better performance.

You should leverage the competitive analysis tools available to know what your competitors are doing, what they are not doing, how your brand is distinctively different and how you can communicate the difference convincingly to your audience.

7. Marketing instead of communicating value

It is common knowledge that human is the most difficult resource to manage. We all want to be in control of our decisions and our environments. Your customers are not any different.

No one wants to be sold to. Your digital marketing campaign must be perceived to provide solutions to problems rather than a sales strategy. Ensure your grand content is customer-centric.

Rather than talking about how great your product is, communicate why it will make people’s life easier. Regardless of how you choose to tell your story, always make the customer the hero.


Digital marketing is a sure way to drive the desired result for any desired business goal.

However, a campaign can be an utter failure if some subtle but very important factors are not considered.

As discussed, the reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail include

  • Inability to streamline the effort
  • Unoptimized landing page or website
  • Lack  of experience
  • Too many goals at a time
  • Little or no understanding of  the audience
  • Failure to learn from competitors
  • Marketing instead of communicating value

Do you know of other reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail? kindly communicate by dropping them in the comment section.

5 Tools that Will Make you a Better Writer

Writing is arguably one of the activities most people don’t enjoy. For some people, the thought of staring at a blank space alone is just unbearable.

For another set of people, it is the pain that comes with perfecting what you have written; getting it ready for the real world.

Thanks to advancement in technology and awesome developers, they’ve invented a couple of tools that really makes writing less strenuous and enjoyable. Editing is really the soul of writing because only then is the masterpiece made.

Going over your write up over and over again just so you are sure everything is right can really be painful. But with the help of the tools in this article, you can just go over your sheet once and be sure it’s good to go.

5 tools that will make you a better writer

1. Hemmingway

tips to make you a better writer

As you would agree that for any content to perform well, it has to be user-centric. Hemmingway ensures that your content is readable, concise and simple.

Also, it proofreads your content for errors and suggests ways to make your content conversational which will make it enjoyable for your readers.

This tool makes editing easy and fun by highlighting the area of concern. And, for every highlighted text or sentence, you get suggestions for better options.

Added to these amazing features is the possibility of writing from scratch, using the tool. You can as well create hyperlinks, bullets, quote extension, headers and also embolden and italicize any part of your content you deem fit.

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2. Grammarly

tips to make you a better writer

The writing assistant, as fondly called. Grammarly finds and corrects every complex writing error in your content. It provides suggestions based on what you’re writing as well as the prediction of the progression.

This tool is a writing assistant such that it goes beyond when you are writing content. One of its unique features is that it is available on any device and on any platform that involves writing.

It corrects you when writing a formal email, or chatting on social media and its word extension also allows for live editing when you are working on a word document.

This tool provides accurate suggestions you can trust, making editing a lot easier. all you need to do is install the app on your device and you’re set to go.

Grammarly is not entirely free, however, the free mode offers amazing tools like contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and style. This is the best s free mode can get. You should capitalize on it.

3. Wordcounter

tips to make you a better writer

This online editor app is best for counting words and characters. It also suggests word choice and helps to improve writing style. Wordcounter helps you to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

Just at the top of the app, there is a live reading of the number of words and characters your content contains.

This app can come in handy in cases when you need to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article.

Added to the functions already mentioned is another tool that shows you the top 10 keywords in your content and the keyword density.

This can be useful in a situation when you are writing for SEO. It will help you to avoid keyword stuffing.

4. clichefinder

tips to make you a better writer clichefinder

This is a free app that helps you to improve your writing skills by identifying and highlighting words, expressions, and phrases that are stale or overused.

Although very difficult to conduct on your own, this tool helps you to avoid overused single words or phrases in order to develop well-written content.

It also helps to enhance your communication skills. This is because you will always see the highlighted word or phrase, this registers in your mind and you’re able to avoid overusing a single word or phrase in your daily conversation.

5. Prowritingaid

tips to make you a better writer

Prowritingaid is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. With prowritingaid, you’re guaranteed to write like a pro.

Regardless of your level of expertise, this tool will help you achieve new heights. It helps you find the best way to express your idea.

With the aid of its suggestion function, you will be able to edit faster, avoid lengthy and clumsy expressions, eliminate errors, express yourself with the most suitable word, and learn as you edit.


Regardless of the nature of our discipline, we all have to write once in a while. Although, some more important than others, in fact, writing is a part of everybody’s life. It is therefore pertinent that we improve our writing skills.

This is because you don’t want to be caught unprepared whenever you have to write something that will be presented to people.

Internalize these tools, practice using them and you can always improve on your proficiency.

We hope you find this article helpful, kindly reach out to us in the comment section to share your views and ask questions.

5 Effective Ways to Market your Small Business on Social Media

It’s hardly news that social media is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Regardless of the goal, social media is often the leading means of creating awareness and getting engagement in real-time.

For any small business that wants to capitalize on digital strategies to market or promote its brand, it needs to take social media seriously. The benefits of social media to business growth is immeasurable.

For small businesses, the idea of using social media to market their brand may seem impossible considering the competition or lack of tens of thousands of followers. In this regard, a lot of small businesses make the mistake of buying fake followers just so their account portrays affinity.

However, more important than the number of followers is the possibility of generating leads from the target audience and eventually make sales which is a direct ROI on the business.

Truly, the time is near when a business’s absence on social media would mean inexistence. This is because social media is the new hangout.

The average person will spend 2 hours on social media every day. Of course, the average person – even in your immediate locale – doesn’t see your store every day. Do the math.

When social media is not capitalized, a business is prone to a lot of disadvantages. They include

  • Limited market reach
  • Lack of social proof/credibility
  • Untapped growth opportunities
  • Untapped communication opportunities
  • Lack of relevant and valuable insights

In order to tackle the difficulty faced by small business entrepreneurs regarding launching and winning their social media efforts, this article is designed to provide 5 strategies that will help you effectively market your small business on social media.

5 effective ways to market your small business on social media

1. Branding

market your small business on social media

Social media is a world of brands; personal and business. Before you launch your business on relevant platforms, you need to create a unique image, color, and voice that represents your business in the best possible way.

This is of utmost importance because it is going to be the means by which your activities across all platforms are easily recognized and ascribed to your business.

It is important that your audience is able to recognize a specific look or feel with your business, this will register a picture in their minds, therefore, making your online efforts easily recognizable.

2. Create your account on relevant platforms

Social media is both efficient and effective. However, not every platform has to be right for you. Just before getting on every social media channel there is, pause to examine and determine the platforms that are right for your business.

A way to this is to examine where your target audience hangs out. For example, if your business targets millennials, you might want to be more focused on millennials or Gen Y, you might want to consider doubling your effort on Instagram.

For B2B business, LinkedIn would be an ideal platform, the reason being that business-related content is more often shared on LinkedIn more than other social platforms.

This attracts more businesses, making the platform their hangouts, hence, a ready-made audience for a B2B business.

You should also ensure your image is consistent across every channel you decide to use. You don’t want your customers confused. This is the importance of branding.

3. Define your social media marketing goals

Needless to say, you need to have clearly defined goals for getting social. In fact, the least of the reasons is that it will help you measure progress.

Just before sharing content or networking with influencers, you need to determine your marketing goals, this will help you to be more strategic about your plans and executions.

Among the common reasons why businesses use social media are

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Customer engagement
  • Building reputation/credibility
  • Driving traffic to website/blog

Setting clearly defined goals will make the execution of plans much easier since there is a standard against which performance can be compared.

Aimless efforts on social media will result in futility. To really capitalize on social media benefits, you must have clearly set goals.

4. Plan valuable and relevant content

market your small business on social media

Beyond having profiles and clearly defined goals for social media marketing. You need to plan your content. Content is of high importance such that it is your way of conveying your message to your current and potential customers.

Regardless of your goals, content is the only means of bringing them to reality; It is the biggest determinant of how much followers you get, how much leads you’re able to generate and ultimately, people’s perception about your brand because perception is everything.

You need to ensure that your content is relevant to your target audience and also offer value in terms of helping them solve problems or providing valuable information. Ensure you give people reasons to follow you with your content.

Your content should not just be about product promotion. As much as possible, share content that will post you as a thought leader in your industry by offering tips that your audience will find interesting. Another way to go about it is to run a contest once in a while.

No matter how you do it, one thing is most important, always make your audience the hero. Your content should not be about your business, it should be customer-centric

5. Share content consistently

After your account has been created, goals defined and content planned, the next thing is to start sharing your message with your audience.

Avoid a dead account at all costs. Ensure that whenever someone interacts with your account, they find something recent.

Inconsistency will portray a lack of intention in the mind of your customers and you don’t want that. Ensure there is always something valuable and recent for your audience to interact with. For you to make a lasting impression on your followers, you should post daily.

Consistent share of content will keep you top of mind and make your audience seek you when they need the solution you offer. You can repurpose content from your blog or a video you recorded.

Ensure you don’t just talk at your followers, try to engage them as much as possible by responding to comments timely.

Also, avoid spamming your followers, posting several times per day will flood their timelines. Regardless of how relevant, nobody wants that.


Using social media to market your small business is no longer a choice to be considered but a strategy to leverage if you want to grow your business. And it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Avoid putting all your efforts on one platform, spread across the different platforms as much as you can. Each platform has its unique way of reaching its users, maximize that.

Ensure your content is relevant, valuable and consistent. Also, maximize the use of visuals, followers are attracted to appealing creatives.

Social media platforms also have provisions for businesses to be able to reach their target audience, even if they don’t follow them. You should leverage that as well.

We do hope you find this article useful, kindly make use of the comment section to ask questions or share opinions.

5 Effective Ways to Drive Fast Traffic for Your New Website

Almost in all cases, one of the major motives behind building a website is to provide a platform where “people” can interact with your brand anytime, anywhere. Hence, the significance of web traffic. Running a website can be dissatisfying when it seems to be getting no traffic. This is a fact that new web owners can relate with.

SEO is a sure way to start driving crazy traffic to any website that’s intentional about its SEO strategy. However, this often takes a long while before you can start seeing significant results. So long that a new website owner may not want to wait. Not to worry, there are other proven ways to get fast traffic to a new website.

This article will address the different strategies you can employ to increase traffic on a new website. If religiously followed, we assure you of as much traffic as you need.

5 effective ways to drive fast traffic to your website

1. Provide relevant and valuable content

With the rate at which information is circulated these days, the attention span of an average audience is so low. Whatever will steal their attention has to be relevant, informative, valuable and more importantly, entertaining – however minimal.

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For every other strategy that will be mention in this article to work, you must endure you provide relevant and valuable content. Understand your audience: their pain points, interests, aspiration, etc.

Once achieved, try as much as possible to design content that appeals to their attention. This way, they will naturally develop an affinity for your brand and look forward to your content.

2. Guest post

There sure are existing websites in your industry that accept guest posts. You should reach out to popular players in the industry, build rapport with them to so It doesn’t seem you’re only after using their platform to sell your brand.

Once this is established, you can push forward the idea of providing content that will surely be useful to their audience would love.

For a website that accepts guest posts, the success rate is high. Mind you when you create the content and you insert an anchor text within, be sure to no-follow it so it doesn’t seem like a link building tactic.

You don’t want to strike as playing smart. By creating a link to your website strategically, readers are bound to check out your website to get more from where it came.

3. Paid Ads

fast traffic for new website

As mentioned earlier, SEO is awesome, nothing beats It when it comes to organic traffic and sustainability. However, for a new site that needs the awareness or an existing site that wants to leverage specific periods of time to make sales.

Under these circumstances, paid ads will do well to help the business achieve its short-term goals. The idea is to bid for keywords that the business wants to rank for so as to appear on the first page of SERPs whenever anyone searches for information around the solution they offer.

4. Comment on other blogs in your industry

Beyond your audience reach, you can also leverage other blogs in your industry by consistently using the comment section. How do you do this? Read articles from other blogs and drop your thoughts in the comment section. Note that you’re not expected to drop a comment as an average reader would.

As an aspiring thought leader, you can provide detailed feedback on the article, ensuring it’s valuable and interesting. While doing that, ensure you add a link to your website.

When Readers find your comment useful, they most likely would check you out either to get more value from you or just out of curiosity. Either way, it’s additional traffic for you and you could make perpetual readers out of them given that the No. 1 Strategy (provide relevant and valuable content) is duly observed.

5. Leverage social media

fast traffic for new website

This is more like sure adrenaline for driving traffic to your website, as long as your social media strategy is in order. The benefits inherent in using social media cannot be overstated. An average person spends over 2 hours on social media daily. This is where your audience hangs out, the new law in marketing says you meet them where they hang out.

To leverage social media means to create awareness for new posts across your social media accounts. With a well-strategized social media plan, tons of traffic will be generated from across all platforms and regardless of the conversion rate, you would have gotten free traffic for your content just by sharing on social media.

Another way to it is to insert share and tweet buttons on your page. This will encourage readers to share content they find interesting on their accounts, making it visible to their audience who may not be following you. Hence, gaining more audience reach.



6. Host a giveaway contest

fast traffic for new website

Regardless of the color, age, gender or race. This works like magic! Nothing pulls more traffic than giveaway contests and it never gets old. This should be designed to pull traffic to your website. You could capitalize on social media reach to create awareness.

One of the ways you can maximize this campaign is to get people to participate by dropping their email addresses. A hot lead magnet, right? You could also add shares to the requirements.


For any website to fulfill its purpose, it needs remarkable traffic. While the SEO strategy is ongoing. You should leverage these strategies as well to at least compensate for your effort. We hope you find this article helpful. To brush up on the strategies discussed earlier, the effective ways you can drive fast traffic for your new website include

  • Provide relevant and valuable content
  • Guest post
  • Paid Ads
  • Comment on other blogs in your industry
  • Leverage social media
  • Host a giveaway contest

Do you think we omitted some other strategies? kindly share your opinions with us in the comment section.

7 Major Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

In this digital era, information is closer and more accessible than ever, the growth of online presence for businesses and individuals is consistent and rapid. In January 2019, social media penetration in the overall world and Nigeria population is 45% and 12% respectively.

This is to prove that the benefits offered by social media presence cannot be underestimated. With every business leveraging digital strategies to improve their marketing efforts, all the effort would be futile if the social media strategy is dead.

This is because social media platforms host numerous potential customers and all you need to do is to be strategic about your content. The more active and customer-centric your social media presence is, the more potential customers you’re likely to win over to become buyers and ultimately, brand advocates.

In this age and time, a business that doesn’t have social media presence is not serious about its growth and will find it very difficult – if not impossible – to survive. Right in this article, we will be touching the 7 major reasons why social media is a must for your business, better still, the major benefits you stand to get when you leverage social media platforms to market your business.

7 major reasons why your business needs social media

1. Borderless brand awareness

With over 3.2 billion people on social media globally, which is approximately 42%, almost half the entire population of the whole world, social media provides the widest reach possible for any business to broadcast its awareness to its existing and potential customers.

An average Instagram user spends an average time of 53 minutes on the platform per day. You can leverage this attention to market your business to your potential customers where they hang out.

These platforms also allow boosting of posts which enables your content to be seen by your target audience, whether or not they actively follow your account on the platform. 97% of marketers now use social media platforms to reach their audience.

2. Builds brand trust

The importance of social proof in business growth cannot be overemphasized. According to studies, 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. People naturally check online for people’s reviews regarding your business. Being active on social media builds the perception that your brand is transparent.

This is because word of mouth than they believe the marketer. As far as they know, a marketer will say anything just to get them to buy from him. However, when a third-party talks about the positive experience the business offered when he interacted with it, perception is based on such information.

3. Fosters communication

reasons for social media

Social media doesn’t just allow you to market your business to your audience. On the contrary, social media allows the business and its customers to engage and interact with each other, thereby encouraging free communication between your brand and the customer.

With the advancement in technology, an average customer wants to access information anywhere anytime. Instead of thinking of showing up at your mortar office, your customers can easily communicate with you right in their rooms, making you more accessible compared to your competitors not capitalizing on social media.

4. Personifies your business

With almost half of the world population active on social media, people are more aware than ever before. Aside from words of mouth either online or from personal recommendations, people are often interested and are loyal to a business that is able to transact with them as though it is concerned about them.

Either by sharing valuable content or pushing how its product or service has been beneficial to users. Online reputation management is key and social media makes it possible. You can leverage these platforms to create human connections with your audience and gain their trust by so doing.

5. Increased sales

With social media, you are able to reach numerous target audiences and engage with them right from creating awareness to getting them to trust your brand and eventually make purchases perpetually.

Through the boost marketing strategy available on each platform, you can increase the reach of your content, thereby making a lot of the first impressions and creating problem awareness and how your business solves the problem best in the industry.

This will create awareness, bring people to your page to learn more, get them to follow your account, and eventually get them to make the purchase when they are ready.

6. Keeps you top of mind

reasons for social media

The average person spends approximately 2 hours on social media every day. This means there’s a possibility of your business interacting with the target audience on a daily basis. By consistently sharing valuable, informative an entertaining content on your accounts, you are able to interact with your customers each time they come online.

This registers your brand unconsciously and whenever they need the solution you provide; your brand pops up in their mind and reaching you is as easy as going online and sending you a private message or pick your contact from your bio.

7. A better understanding of your customers

Most social media platforms have inbuilt analytics which keeps records of the kind of people that interact with your account, the time they interact with it, age range, gender, and other information.

These demographics will help you have a better understanding of who your customers are and you can base your subsequent plans on this information and streamline your efforts to be laser-focused on your audience.


Truly, all the articles in this world cannot do justice to the benefits a business stands to gain by leveraging social media to compensate its marketing efforts. A quick recap on the benefits earlier listed.

  • Borderless brand awareness
  • Builds brand trust
  • Fosters communication
  • Personifies your business
  • Increased sales
  • Keeps you top of mind
  • A better understanding of your customers

Your business is bound to enjoy these benefits and many more if you leverage social media marketing to grow your brand.

Depending on your schedule and resources, you may want to outsource to a result-driven digital marketing agency or learn the rudiments of social media marketing yourself by enrolling in an intensive digital marketing training.

We hope you find this article helpful. For questions and suggestions, kindly use the comment section.

7 Online Platforms to Learn Digital Skills for Free

Money should not be the reason why something important should not be done. – Tayo Olosunde

The nature of the workplace in the 21st century is becoming more value-centric. The world we live in often celebrates people with valuable skills. People who through the skills they possess, are able to solve problems, make life better or reduce cost.

Regardless of the results, the fact remains that to make significant changes in this fast-evolving digital world, one needs to possess digital skills that guarantee the ability to tackle the problems strategically. The importance of digital skills cannot be overstated.

However, quite a large number of people are unable to learn these skills due to a number of reasons which include

  • Lack of finance
  • Tight schedule
  • Ignorance of the benefits of digital skills

If the lack of finance is the major problem, here are 7 online platforms you can learn these in-demand skills for free.

7 Online Platforms to Learn Digital Skills for Free Online

1. Freecodecamp

free digital skills training freecodecamp

As the name suggests, free code camp is an online platform that provides free training in coding from the beginner to the expert level. The platform provides priceless opportunity to learn coding skills in HTM5, CSS3, JavaScript among others.

With over 5000 tutorials, it boasts of millions of students, many of whom are graduates and now provide real-time support to beginners in the support forums.

The forum is well organized, having different subforums like career advice, JavaScript, project feedback and many more, giving students the opportunity to share their issues they’re facing and get help as quickly as possible.

2. Sololearn

free digital skill training sololearn

Sololearn offers a free, fun and interesting platform where learners can learn coding for free and have fun as they learn. It thrives on ensuring that learning coding doesn’t have to be boring. With sololearn, you can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The platform also has an app for iOS and Android phones making it flexible and enjoyable. Skills training covered include python 3, C++, SQL, JavaScript and lots more.

The platform has a support group which is known as “discuss” where learners get to ask questions about their projects and get answers from other experts. With over 1600 lessons, sololearn has over 30 million learners all over the world, learning how to code for free.

3. Dataquest

free digital skill training dataquest

Dataquest is a team of 26 remote developers around the world whose mission is to help any willing individual to learn data science for free or at an affordable rate. They offer data skills to people new to the skill and people looking to take a step up in their career.

With Dataquest, you can learn data analysis, data visualization, python, and more. There are over 60 lessons available in their free learning section.

4. YouTube

free digital skills training youtube

YouTube is probably the biggest and most complete learning platform – you can learn just anything in the world of “HOWTOs”. And just as you already know, it is absolutely free. Truth is, almost all the other platforms have accounts on YouTube and often share training videos through their accounts.

Apart from that, there are tens of thousands of experts all over the world who also leverage this platform to share their knowledge and new discoveries with people.

All you need to do is get on the platform, use the search console, input the topic you want to learn and be exposed to unlimited possibilities of knowledge for free.

5. Coursera

free digital skills training coursera

Coursera is one of the platforms where people are able to access courses ranging from personal development, computer science, business management and lots more.

The courses are provided by reputable institutions international institutions around the world such as Yale, Princeton, University of Michigan, Duke University, among others. Courses are opened for every individual for free but to obtain a certificate, payment is required.

6. Edx

free digital skills training edx

This platform offers to individuals, the opportunity to accelerate or enhance their career for free by providing a platform that allows for self-paced learning, anytime, anywhere. Among the popular subjects offered are data science, digital marketing, engineering, and others.

The platform partners with schools and institutions such as Harvard University, University of California, university of oxford, Boston university and more.

7. Futurelearn

free digital skill learning futurelearn

Futurelearn, with the mission to transform access to education, is a learning platform that enables people to learn new skills, pursue their interests and advance their careers by providing lessons in several categories such as tech and coding, creative arts and media, business and management and lots more.

The platform partners with renowned institutions across the world like the university of cape town, university of Glasgow, Colorado state university and others.


There you have it! Money should not be the reason why something important should not be done. Financial restraint should not be enough reason why you lack relevant skills in this age where information is accessible to everyone and anyone that is willing.

Leverage the information provided in this article and become a better and improved version of yourself. A quick recap of the platforms mentioned in this article.

• Freecodecamp
• Sololearn
• Dataquest
• YouTube
• Coursera
• Edx
• Futurelearn


We hope you find this article helpful. Do you questions or other free platforms you’d like to share? kindly leave a comment below.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Digital Marketing Agency

We live in a time where the narration about information has completely changed from what it used to be a few decades ago. With the advent and evolvement of technology, information is now closer to the reach of people such that any information can be assessed by anyone right in the comfort of their homes.

Businesses that understand the benefits of digital marketing and are purposeful about growing and reaching their customers have integrated digital strategies into their marketing efforts.

That being said, the relationship between digital marketing and a business is no longer described as an option to be considered, it is more of a choice between the success and failure of a business. Therefore, more businesses intend to go digital in order to meet their customers.

A lot of millennials have leveraged this problem statement by going for digital marketing training and thereby becoming a problem solver in this digital age. On the same heels, business owners also set aside time to learn digital marketing strategies in order to grow their businesses.

While DIY (do it yourself) is an approach that often brings the feel of self-accomplishment, it is more important to ensure what is worth doing is well done. Hence, the reasons why you should use a digital marketing agency in Nigeria.

First off, you should understand that digital marketing is a broad course that houses a whole lot of elements and dynamic strategies. Learn more about digital marketing strategies. The idea of running a business and at the same time, managing an online presence can be overwhelming.

This article is going to provide the reasons why business owners choose to use digital marketing agencies and why using a digital marketing agency in Nigeria is something you should also consider.

5 important reasons why you should use a digital marketing agency in Nigeria 

1. Time

digital marketing agency in Nigeria

Any business owner will attest to the fact that 24 hours is often not enough to run the necessary daily activities of the business. As anyone would agree, digital marketing is a whole business on its own which also requires undivided attention and focus.

Juggling between the daily activities of your business with implementing the full force of digital marketing will eventually stretch you too thin and you might be stressed out.

It should also be added that you’re bound to get minimal results both on in your business and from your digital marketing strategies when you are unable to devote sufficient time to make the strategies work.

Mind you, digital marketing – as against some school of thought – goes beyond posting on social media. It’s mainly about creating awareness of your brand, nurturing leads to become customers and delighting customers even after the purchase is made. Even in this sense, posting on social media has to be consistent with the main goal.

2. Premium experience

In most situations, you will have to outsource your digital marketing strategies to digital agencies that have been in the business for quite a long period of time and are most likely to know the trends as well as what would or wouldn’t work for your business.

Most digital strategies that work now perfectly are results of tests that have been optimized over time to arrive at its current frame. With the agency’s rich experience in the industry, you won’t have to go through trials and errors which will entail spending time and money on the wrong plan.

A digital agency, based on experience would know the best platform for your business, the right plans that have worked overtime and still working and more importantly, the best strategy to generate the highest possible return on investment. After all, there is no crime in getting it right the first time, as a matter of fact, it is better that way.

3. Workload

Getting your business online goes beyond building a website and having an account on every social media platform. If these things are going to work for you, helping your business grow, they require consistency, relevance and customer-centric approach.

For example, your website is not a mere landing page to accommodate your prospects, it has to be consistent with your brand and be optimized to provide the best experience to your prospects and customers anytime they choose to interact with it. This way, it promotes your brand auto-pilot.

On the same heels, you don’t get on social media platforms for the sake of it. You need to be where your customers hang out. Moreover, you need to share timely, valuable and relevant content with your audience for them to see you as a thought leader in your industry and automatically associate with your brand when they have problems that your product or service provides solutions to.

All these added together are a great deal of work which needs time, expertise and dedication. Luckily, digital agencies live for things like that.

4. Expert advice

digital marketing agency in Nigeria

When you outsource your digital marketing efforts to a digital agency that is result-oriented, you are bound to get expert advice based on their experience and knowledge in the field.

A result-oriented agency is not just concerned about the online aspect of your business, they go as far as suggesting strategies that will make your brand appeal to the customer of today. Their main goal is that your business succeeds.

A result-oriented digital agency takes time to understand your business, its targeted audience and thereby able to efficiently communicate your brand values which consequentially leads to affinity, generation of leads and ultimately, an increase in the number of sales.

5. Client-focused

With a full-blown digital agency, you get a full package of digital services and products ranging from web design, branding, and digital marketing. All these put together and mainly focused on helping your business succeed.

One of the advantages of going with an all-encompassing agency is that consistency – which is a major element in digital media – is guaranteed across all your business elements.


There you have it. As discussed above, the benefits of using a digital agency far outweigh the idea of doing it by oneself. As a quick recap, the 5 important reasons why you should use a digital marketing agency in Nigeria are:

  • Time
  • Premium experience
  • Workload
  • Expert advice
  • Client-focused

Every business needs a digital partner, be sure to leverage the opportunity. Feel free to drop your questions or opinions in the comment section below.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Regardless of the industry, starting a business is no walk in the park. That’s probably why the idea of entrepreneurship is often treated as plan B, especially by millennials. Yes, to start a business and be successful in it requires a whole lot of sacrifice.

Most times, the success of any business is determined by the way it was built. Many multinational businesses and governments acknowledge this fact, which is why we now have more SME enabling programs around the world, either as a CSR of a company or an initiative of a government.

For any business to succeed, its foundation needs to be laid right, else, the structure built on it will eventually have no sustenance, hence, it collapses. Coming into the space of digital marketing, it is imperative – especially in the digital industry – to have a solid foundation, be it personal career or business-wise.

This owns to the fact that there will always be daily improvements and modifications to whatever has been in existence. Welcome to the digital world.

Considering the fact that a whole lot more of businesses are yet to integrate digital marketing strategies to their marketing efforts, the world needs more digital marketers, better still, digital marketing agencies.

So, if you are willing to be among the problem-solvers for businesses and influential individuals, you should continue reading this article. This article posits a step by step guide on how to start a digital marketing agency in Nigeria from scratch.

How to start a digital marketing agency in Nigeria

1. Acquire the skill

how to start a digital marketing agency in Nigeria

Needless to say, but cannot be overemphasized. Other than retail businesses which are basically about buying in bulk where it is cheap and moving it to sell in bits at a higher price in areas where it is scarce, businesses in the digital world require proficiency with the use of tools and adept understanding of the lingos.

The first brick you must have laid or you need to lay as someone who intends to build a digital agency is get trained on the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a profession and should be treated as such.

There are businesses and individuals that will not outsource their online strategies to someone with proof of knowledge acquisition or of course, portfolios – which you wouldn’t have without getting trained first.

2. Gain experience

Don’t practice you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.

After the acquisition of skill, you should look for ways to practice. Either by freelancing or interning with an existing digital marketing agency. Freelancing right after training is cool. However, businesses are often skeptical about trusting newbies with their business growth.

Read our article on how you can get digital marketing clients in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, it will be unwise for you to go straight to founding a digital marketing business just after training. It takes more than skill know-how to run a successful business, and there is no better way to find out other things required than experiencing them first hand.

You can draw up an exit plan as well as the standard goal you must attain before you can consider exiting your place of work. This will give you a clear understanding of the things you need to achieve before leaving to start your own business. It will also help you in measuring your actual result at every point in time with your standard and make adjustments when needed.

3. Build a network of influence

how to start a digital marketing agency in nigeria

Relationship has always been a key factor to success on every level. While you’re working with your employer, make sure to help your employer achieve his goals by doing your best on tasks assigned to you and pushing yourself to unlearn and relearn. This way, you would have assumed the position of running a business on your own even before your personal resources are at stake.

On the same heels, ensure you invest your time and other resources in quality networking. Leveraging colleagues in the industry can go a long way to speed up the learning curve and exposure to better opportunities. The networks you’ve built will eventually be part of your means of generating leads for your business when you launch it.

4. Try out freelancing

Alongside doing all you can to help your employer succeed, it is pertinent that you start a side hustle with your skills set by registering on freelance platforms or reaching out to small businesses in your locale and offering to help them grow their businesses online.

By doing this, you will have started building your customer base long before you decide to start your own agency and you will not be bothered about getting clients in the first few months of starting your business.

Freelancing while you are still actively working will also give you first-hand experience of handling clients. You get to make mistakes and learn from them without the reality of your business suffering from it. Mind you, this should not give you the liberty to mistreat clients as you might learn the hard way eventually.

5. Incorporate your business

In this age of information, an average person can access whatever information they need right in the comfort of their homes. If you are intentional about creating a distinctive business and also have big plans for your business, it is important that you register your business with CAC before pooling investments into branding.

This is because having to pull down a well-structured brand because another (registered) business bears the same name is very expensive, you don’t want to experience that. Find out the steps involved in business registration.

Once your business is duly registered, and you are presented with a certificate of incorporation, you can then confidently proceed to create your brand elements, building a website and other steps which will be discussed later in this article.

6. Branding

how to start a digital marketing agency in nigeria - branding

After you must have finished registering your business and having the assurance that your business name is yours alone, you can go ahead with carving a distinctive logo, voice and feel for your business. When you launch, you don’t appear unprepared or half baked.

The idea of this orderly arranged actionable steps is to ensure you start your digital agency with a bang. Read on.

At this stage, you are working on the look and perception that your business will portray to your prospects at every contact they make with you. Your brand – beyond the logo, is what will market your business to people even when you are not there. This feel also has to consistently reflect on your website, across social media platforms and on any other brand items you choose.

7. Build your business a website

It goes without saying, in this age, all your efforts as a business will bring minimal results if you lack an online presence. Although, this is a well-known topic for digital marketers. Surprisingly, we still have digital marketers who do not own websites for their business. Perhaps it’s as a result of the size of their dreams.

Your website should proudly bear your brand name, logo, language and feel. It is where all your online marketing efforts are directed to in order to excite and convert your leads. It also covers the art of sharing valuable information with your prospects and existing customers – blogging.

Truly, without a well-structured and optimized business website, it will be hard to convert high paying clients. As a matter of fact, high flying prospects won’t see any reason to pay well when you don’t seem serious. Yes, a digital marketing agency without a website is unserious and unintentional about their mission.

8. Promote your brand on social media

It is important that you understand the concept of meeting clients where they hang out. Social media is perfect for making a wild-fire brand awareness. As a digital marketer, you can leverage this to grow your followership and make your business known to as many relevant people as possible.

You can also identify your (USP) unique selling proposition and run targeted ads to your audience, bringing an influx of leads to your site where you can excite them and make them your customers.

9. Convert your leads to your clients

At this stage, you should already have leads coming in from different sources. Social media, SEO, referrals and more. All these traffic and the influx of potential customers will not pay your business a dime until you are able to convert them to paying customers and that is the bottom line of any online marketing strategy.

Being able to convert leads to customers rests on a number of factors like the landing page, loading speed, content marketing and more. As a digital marketer, you already should be an expert at converting leads to clients. Being able to practice your expertise in your business will also prove your authenticity.

10. Delight your clients

how to start a digital agency in nigeria - delight your clients

After all is said and done. An incompetent and poor client management business will eventually be out of business. This explains why this article started with learning the skills and gaining quality experience. It is often said that a client is not a client until they have the chance to leave but choose to stay.

This doesn’t happen magically. It entails ensuring that clients’ problems are solved, relationship well managed and above all, consistency.

This is not just in the quest to retain clients. Happy clients are bound to refer your business to friends and colleagues.

When they refuse to do that, your work will make people ask for who handles their online marketing and that automatically leads back to you.


Truly, starting any business is a lot of work, however, when done right, the benefits eventually outweigh whatever sweat put into the founding. We hope you find this article helpful. The points treated include:

  • Acquire the skill
  • Gain experience
  • Build a network of influence
  • Try out freelancing
  • Incorporate your business
  • Branding
  • Build your brand a website
  • Promote your business on social media
  • Convert your leads to clients
  • Delight your clients

Regardless of the stage you are, we strongly encourage that you follow the subsequent to the latter. Feel free to drop questions and opinions in the comment section.



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