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7 Online Platforms to Learn Digital Skills for Free

Money should not be the reason why something important should not be done. – Tayo Olosunde

The nature of the workplace in the 21st century is becoming more value-centric. The world we live in often celebrates people with valuable skills. People who through the skills they possess, are able to solve problems, make life better or reduce cost.

Regardless of the results, the fact remains that to make significant changes in this fast-evolving digital world, one needs to possess digital skills that guarantee the ability to tackle the problems strategically. The importance of digital skills cannot be overstated.

However, quite a large number of people are unable to learn these skills due to a number of reasons which include

  • Lack of finance
  • Tight schedule
  • Ignorance of the benefits of digital skills

If the lack of finance is the major problem, here are 7 online platforms you can learn these in-demand skills for free.

7 Online Platforms to Learn Digital Skills for Free Online

1. Freecodecamp

free digital skills training freecodecamp

As the name suggests, free code camp is an online platform that provides free training in coding from the beginner to the expert level. The platform provides priceless opportunity to learn coding skills in HTM5, CSS3, JavaScript among others.

With over 5000 tutorials, it boasts of millions of students, many of whom are graduates and now provide real-time support to beginners in the support forums.

The forum is well organized, having different subforums like career advice, JavaScript, project feedback and many more, giving students the opportunity to share their issues they’re facing and get help as quickly as possible.

2. Sololearn

free digital skill training sololearn

Sololearn offers a free, fun and interesting platform where learners can learn coding for free and have fun as they learn. It thrives on ensuring that learning coding doesn’t have to be boring. With sololearn, you can learn anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The platform also has an app for iOS and Android phones making it flexible and enjoyable. Skills training covered include python 3, C++, SQL, JavaScript and lots more.

The platform has a support group which is known as “discuss” where learners get to ask questions about their projects and get answers from other experts. With over 1600 lessons, sololearn has over 30 million learners all over the world, learning how to code for free.

3. Dataquest

free digital skill training dataquest

Dataquest is a team of 26 remote developers around the world whose mission is to help any willing individual to learn data science for free or at an affordable rate. They offer data skills to people new to the skill and people looking to take a step up in their career.

With Dataquest, you can learn data analysis, data visualization, python, and more. There are over 60 lessons available in their free learning section.

4. YouTube

free digital skills training youtube

YouTube is probably the biggest and most complete learning platform – you can learn just anything in the world of “HOWTOs”. And just as you already know, it is absolutely free. Truth is, almost all the other platforms have accounts on YouTube and often share training videos through their accounts.

Apart from that, there are tens of thousands of experts all over the world who also leverage this platform to share their knowledge and new discoveries with people.

All you need to do is get on the platform, use the search console, input the topic you want to learn and be exposed to unlimited possibilities of knowledge for free.

5. Coursera

free digital skills training coursera

Coursera is one of the platforms where people are able to access courses ranging from personal development, computer science, business management and lots more.

The courses are provided by reputable institutions international institutions around the world such as Yale, Princeton, University of Michigan, Duke University, among others. Courses are opened for every individual for free but to obtain a certificate, payment is required.

6. Edx

free digital skills training edx

This platform offers to individuals, the opportunity to accelerate or enhance their career for free by providing a platform that allows for self-paced learning, anytime, anywhere. Among the popular subjects offered are data science, digital marketing, engineering, and others.

The platform partners with schools and institutions such as Harvard University, University of California, university of oxford, Boston university and more.

7. Futurelearn

free digital skill learning futurelearn

Futurelearn, with the mission to transform access to education, is a learning platform that enables people to learn new skills, pursue their interests and advance their careers by providing lessons in several categories such as tech and coding, creative arts and media, business and management and lots more.

The platform partners with renowned institutions across the world like the university of cape town, university of Glasgow, Colorado state university and others.


There you have it! Money should not be the reason why something important should not be done. Financial restraint should not be enough reason why you lack relevant skills in this age where information is accessible to everyone and anyone that is willing.

Leverage the information provided in this article and become a better and improved version of yourself. A quick recap of the platforms mentioned in this article.

• Freecodecamp
• Sololearn
• Dataquest
• YouTube
• Coursera
• Edx
• Futurelearn


We hope you find this article helpful. Do you questions or other free platforms you’d like to share? kindly leave a comment below.

How To Successfully Start a Side Hustle With Your Digital Skills

Having a digital skill is one of the smartest ways… scratch that. It is the smartest way to invest in yourself. A lot of benefits come with being able to work in one or more offices in the digital industry.

Although, the most important benefit is subjective. For some people, it is the fact that digital is not going anywhere, it can only get bigger and better. For others, it could be that it pays well, or that it requires little capital to start.

People will always have different views when it comes to the benefits, and the list is endless. Nevertheless, the digital industry has a unique feature in which no other industry can ever emulate – flexibility.

As an individual with digital skills, you can choose to work in a company, establish your own company or signup on a free platform and become a freelancer.

Digital skills keep increasing in value because almost every business wants to include digital strategy in their marketing efforts. Consider yourself fortunate that you possess a digital skill, and if you are not on the train yet, enroll for a Digital skill training now! It will be the wisest decision you’ve ever made.

The industry is so broad, just anyone can fit in. Depending on your likes, prior experiences, and personality, you can choose:

Having learned one or more of these skills, the ideal “next phase” is to start getting ROI as soon as possible right? Sadly though, some people still find it difficult to get a good-paying job or get clients to patronize them.

Many people just don’t know how to get their first client. Ideally, no one will want to outsource a job to you just because you claim to know-how. They will want to see projects you have worked on to at least see what you are capable of doing. Most companies request previous work experience as part of recruitment requirements.

Whether you are planning to learn a digital skill this year, you have a skill already but you are finding it difficult to get reasonable patronage or you are employed but wouldn’t mind using your skill to generate another source of income, this article will teach you how to get your first client and build yourself an outstanding portfolio.

1. Promote your skill

The most important thing after learning a skill is to create the awareness that you have added more value to yourself, and there is no better way to do that than to inform your friends and family.

More often than not, your first few clients are people you know. Everyone has someone who runs a local business. Irrespective of the niche, digital can always make it better. Nothing beats that.

You may have to first render your services on the basis of sharing returns from ROI generated by your digital strategy. You need not worry about transparency because if there’s only one thing that’s true about digital investments, it will be that every effort is traceable. When they see that it works, they will become return customers and as well introduce other people to you.

This will work for just any digital skill. For a graphic designer, you can start by creating awesome birthday designs for your friends or relative. Be sure to credit yourself in the design and share it with them as a present. They will share it across their social media pages, their friends whom you do not know will download the image and share on their pages/status too.

You know where this is going right? You can’t fathom the amount of impression one graphic design work get. In no time, some people will trace the image back to you and voila! You are in business already. You also should not underestimate the power of networking.

Reach out to people who have been in the profession longer than you to gain insight and be open to other opportunities. Most professionals get more works than they can handle and are always willing to share tasks with one another, but they can’t share with you if they don’t know you. Awesome right? There’s more.

2. Plan and execute fake projects

We interviewed a UI/UX professional in one of our articles, and we asked: “how long did it take you to learn this skill”? He responded by saying “I’m still learning”. He’s been doing it for 5 years! What does that mean? Completing a training session doesn’t make you an expert.

You have to practice, practice and practice. For designers, your way of building a good portfolio for yourself after acquiring the skill is to work on self-assigned projects. You need to stretch your creativity and keep doing it till it becomes a lifestyle.

In the digital industry, you only learn by doing i.e. reading a whole lot of blog posts, watching online tutorials and registering for courses online won’t make you perfect. It explains why it’s called digital “skill” and not digital “knowledge”.

3. Create and promote your brand

There are probably tens or hundreds of individuals who have the same skill as you in your local geography. You need to make yourself distinctly identifiable among the competition.

Think about it, when someone wants to recommend your service to someone, you don’t want them saying “some guy”. You get the ide right? You need a distinctive name, look, voice, and feel that will be easily associated with your service – Branding.

According to studies, you are not supposed to use the name you answer. C’mon! be creative, isn’t that what digital is all about? Of course. Think of a photographer whose brand’s name is – Imagenation. wouldn’t you want to patronize him; it gives the impression that he’s an expert.

No pressure! You can as well use your nickname or just be creative about the name you answer and you have for yourself an awesome brand identity.

The power of social media, nothing compares to it. With social media, a firm of 5 staffs can compete with a firm of 100 staffs in the same industry. Don’t be surprised if the former leads the online market. Common ground! That’s one of the awesome benefits of online marketing.

Everything that has been said before now will not make much sense without your brand’s presence on social media. Talking about promoting your skills, designing fake projects, creating a brand identity and other things mentioned, they all can be optimized only by sharing your portfolio online for people to see.

Instagram is known to have the highest engagement, not sidelining other platforms. You should ensure people see your amazing works such that when they have a problem you can solve; you will just be a DM or call away.


Nothing beats having multiple sources of income, it is the fastest and surest route to financial freedom.

What use is an in-demand skill if you are unable to optimize its value for economic value. Plus, you will be helping businesses and people succeed as well as make their lives easier.

Follow the guides provided in this article and be sure to not only make more money but also be known as a thought leader in your niche.

If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment below.

Top 5 Freelance Platforms to Start a Side Hustle

The digital world is an industry that allows for full-time work and at the same time, a side hustle. This is because of its flexibility. For most digital skills, all you need to execute a project is your laptop, electricity, and access to the internet.

This allows you to work anywhere at any time. According to studies, individuals with digital skills have the chance to manage a fulltime job as well as a freelance profile conveniently.

Depending on individual preference, some people choose to freelance as a side hustle or while others become full-time freelancers.

Perhaps, you are bored of your constant schedule of waking up very early to resume work and you are not able to tend to some personal activities when the need arises, or you need an additional source of income. With digital skills, any work/life balance is attainable.

A misconception about freelancing is that you are able to avoid work stress when you are a full-time freelancer. Well, this is not exactly true. However, you can schedule your projects anyhow you like, unlike a full-time job where you have to be in the office almost every day.

Another fact about freelancing is that for you to be a successful freelancer, you have to be intentional about personal branding because it is not about what you know, but what people know you know.

Here are 5 platforms that use your digital skills to start a side hustle.

1. Fiverr

freelance platform

Fiverr currently is the largest freelance platform with over 50 million transactions made. The platform offers a global market to skill sets such as digital marketing, content writing and translation, graphics and designs and more.

Fiverr ensures professionals (sellers) get their pay after completing a project by collecting money from the employer (buyer) upfront and delivers to the seller of skill after the work is done.

Most startup companies that do not have the financial strength to shoulder full agency’s charges often leverage on freelance platforms to get their job done. This is a good opportunity you can leverage on as a start to build your portfolio and stretch your creativity as well as get paid for it.

2. Upwork


freelance platform

Upwork is more of a freelance platform for highly skilled professionals. The platform currently connects experts with over 15 million businesses across the globe.

With their vision of connecting businesses with great talent to work without limits, Upwork prides in having over 12 million registered freelancers. Upwork pricing model is designed to encourage higher-value and longer-time projects.

This means as a freelancer, you can expect recurring projects from a client you’ve worked for, instead of always looking for clients to work for.

3. Asuqu

freelance platform

Asuqu is a Nigerian platform for SMEs and startups. It allows for the connection of creatives and potential customers in Africa. It aims to remove the traditional barriers to innovation, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

4. Dirlance



Dirlance is a freelance enabling community where professionals in Nigeria gets connected to businesses that require their skill sets.

The platform hosts professionals with skill sets such as SEO, web developers, creative writing, editing and proofreading, social media marketing and many more.

5. Justfrom5k

freelance platform

Justfrom5k is basically a freelance platform where anyone can find basic errands as well as professional projects, bid for it, complete the task satisfactorily and get paid.


There you have it. We just shared 5 foreign and Nigerian freelance platforms where you can work as a freelancer, expand your digital skills and make money. As a recap, they are:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Asuqu
  • Dirlance
  • Justfrom5k

If you have any other freelance skills you’d like us to add, kindly leave a comment below.

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