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How to Get Digital Marketing Clients in Nigeria

It is hardly a surprise that the art of creating and maintaining a successful business is no child’s play. Running a business especially in a not so good economy can be a daunting task such that a good number of individuals do not dare to take the risk of leaving their current job and creating their own businesses.

Truly, the main purpose of any “business” is to make profits. However, profit is not achievable when the business lacks significant patronage. Therefore, it is safe to say that the main goal of any business is to have a good number of loyal customers. In other words, businesses are paid and financed by clients/customers.

The acquisition and perpetual increase of client base require a lot of work, without which the business may not see the light of the day. Every business that wants to thrive in its industry has to be intentional about getting as many clients as possible.

Getting clients may not be easy, as a matter of fact, there will be more turndowns than good deals. Nevertheless, doing nothing is the same as lighting up the business literally. Perhaps you are starting out as a digital marketing freelancer and you need to get yourself clients that need your skills or you are already in business but wouldn’t mind getting more deals for your digital marketing business, you are reading the right article.

You will get to understand how to narrow your focus to ensure you are not spreading yourself too thin and eventually end up not achieving commendable goals. Also, you will learn about different ways you can reach out to prospects and turn them to customers.

As a digital marking agency, it is important that you are clear on what kind of digital agency you are. Some of the factors that determine the nature of an ad agency are:

  • Your target client
  • Your services
  • Your media

Your target client

A digital marketing agency that is purposeful about its growth will identify its clients. This ranges from fortune 500 companies, small businesses, B2B companies or B2C companies to a specific industry or random firms of the same strength. doing this will surely go a long way to determine the strategies you employ to market your service(s) to your clients.

Having figured out your target client, you should be able to build a list of specific businesses or individuals that you can sell your service to. The different ways to reach out to them and market your service will be discussed later in this article.

Your services

This is equally important. Digital marketing is a broad industry that houses many elements and niches, cutting a niche for your business will also help you to be laser-focused on your target customers.

As a digital agency, the services you could render include digital strategy, media buying, social media management, PR, planning and executing campaigns, content marketing, SEO and lots more.

Being able to figure out the services you render will also help you sell the solution you provide better when you pitch to clients.

Your media

This pertains to the platforms which you leverage to help your clients grow their businesses. Without this, you will find it difficult to explain how you want to help your clients. Well, you may manage to explain yourself but not in a way that vibes confidence and your prospect will not be convinced.

This is one of the reasons for many No than Yes. As a digital marketer, your medium should include social, SERPs, display, mobile and more.

Now that you have been able to figure out what your business has to offer as well as to whom it intends to offer the services, you should now have a better understanding of how you can explain your offer to your prospects. This is because majorly, they care about what they will benefit by integrating digital strategies to their marketing efforts.

How to get digital marketing clients in Nigeria

1. Create a website

how to get digital marketing clients in nigeria

This goes without saying, what is a digital marketer without an online presence? How then are you supposed to convince your prospects that you can get them influential presence online?

A website may not directly go to events and talk about your business to people but it surely is a way to certify your authenticity.

Make sure every prospect that lands on your website want to schedule a meeting with you in order to discuss how you can do what is on your website for them. This might be a big deal for a freelancer.

However, owning and actively managing a website has never been cost-ineffective. In the meantime, you could work on promoting your presence on social media platforms.

2. Social media Ads

Although, self-explanatory, however, this goes beyond running ads on social media platforms, targeting your audience. This also involves using AdWords and retargeting.

The main objective here is to make your brand known to people who find it relevant and are interested.

A prudent way to go about this is optimizing your content to ensure any relevant prospect that sees it will want to know more about the offer. Got the gist?

3. Local events

If you are intentional about growing your client base, you will factor networking in your strategy. Your website and other pages you own on the website will surely do their work non-stop. However, meeting face-to-face with prospects at events will also add to your lead generation effort.

You never can tell, the people you meet may not currently need your service but may have people who do.

Recommendations and words of mouth go a long way in supporting marketing efforts. So, make research on local events that gathers your target audience under a roof and you can offer to give a short speech that would be beneficial to the audience or you could take the one on one route.

4. Create an effective inbound strategy

In this age, clients and customers alike are really not interested in the flashy features of your product or service, people are more interested in relevant, timely and valuable information. Either about your product or your industry.

Inbound strategy is basically about delivering solutions and opportunities that have a positive impact on people and your business.

One of the many ways you can do this is blogging. Through blogging, you will be able to highlight your targeted audience’s pain points and provide solutions based on your expertise, thereby, making you a thought leader in your industry and of course creating a natural likeness and sustainable loyalty among your target audience such that when they need your service, you will be top of mind.

Another way is Guest blogging. A fact you need to come in terms with is that no matter the traffic you have on your site, there will always be more of them on other blogs in the same industry as yours. A way to reach out to your target audience on other websites in your industry is guest blogging.

This way, you will be able to build quality backlinks to your website and also reach prospects who wouldn’t know about your business otherwise.

5. Delight your existing customers

Although part of inbound marketing, it is as well worth treating separately. Regardless of your effort of bringing in new clients, if you are not really adding value to their lives and businesses, they all will eventually leave.

According to studies, it is more expensive to acquire a new client than to retain an existing one. In this case, delighting your customers will not just get them retained but will also make them your business evangelists. Different ways you can leverage delighted clients are:

  • Get them to recommend
  • Share their testimonies

Get them to recommend

This will be a natural occurrence, maybe not to businesses in the same industry as theirs but you are bound to get recommended when your existing clients are delighted. You can also officially request that they refer their friends who may need your service if they don’t naturally do that.

Share their testimonies

This is an important and effective aspect of having happy clients, research has it that about 70 % of conversion are results of online reviews. This shows how important clients’ reviews can be in converting leads to clients.

You should also leverage your delighted customers’ testimonies by sharing on your website and across your social media pages. naturally, people believe what they hear about a business from a third party.


As no business can survive without the active support of its client base. The ability to acquire and retain clients, therefore, is required for any business to be successful. Highlighted above are 5 effective ways to generate leads and convert them to loyal clients. A quick recap of the points we touched.

  • Create a website
  • Social media Ads
  • Local events
  • Create an effective inbound strategy
  • Delight your existing customers

To maintain a continual influx of clients to fuel your business growth, you should integrate these tips into your marketing strategy. We trust you find this helpful. For further questions or opinions, kindly drop in the comment section.

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