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5 Important Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

In this age and time, it is no longer news that blogging is one of the ways you can earn a living and live the life you have always dreamt of just by having a laptop, basic computer skills and access to the internet.

You are probably thinking of a blogger who is crushing it big time, right? Do you ever wonder how they are doing it? Well, it all boils down to the foundation, which begs the question – what are the important things to know before starting a blog?

Whether you are an individual looking to express yourself and share your passion with people or you own a business and your intent is to leverage on blogging to provide solutions to your target audience, the benefits that come with blogging are immeasurable.

With all the benefits, influence and exposure that comes with blogging, there are still lots of bloggers who are actually struggling to get affinity and stable traffic for their articles. Wonder why? Read this article and know the rituals of every successful blogger.

For an individual (blogger)

An individual who has a flair for writing or just a person who likes to share experiences and knowledge may decide to blog just about anything. Ranging from:

  • lifestyle,
  • food,
  • music,
  • technology,
  • fashion,
  • business entertainment and many more.

You can blog just about anything!

However, it is important that you choose a field you are familiar with. More on this later. Also, understand that blogging allows you to connect and network with people of similar passion. So it’s best to blog in a field you are passionate about.

For a business

The advent of online advertising has changed the rules and nature of competition among businesses. With a website and a strong digital marketing strategy, you can compete with the giants in your industry, irrespective of the size of your local office.

Now more than ever, customers no longer want to the sold to. Also, they have many alternatives they can choose to buy from. This has prompted businesses to attempt solving people’s problems by sharing their knowledge based on their expertise.

Almost every business with a website has a blog page. They leverage content to provide solutions to prospective customers as well as existing ones. One of such brands that have done this successfully is HubSpot.

A customer is not a customer until he has the chance to leave you and he chooses not to.

Research also proves that it is 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Hence the need to remain the thought leader in your industry.

If you plan to kickstart your blogging career, there are things you need to know and also put into consideration to be at the top of your game. So here are 5 important things to know before starting a blog. See you on the other side.

5 Important Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

1. Write as though you are having a conversation

If you ever want to be able to hold your readers down while they read your articles, you need to understand how to write in a conversational manner. Have you ever wondered why you sleep inside lecture rooms?

Do you remember you would have to strike a conversation with the person sitting beside you in the lecture hall to stay awake through the lecture? This is because as humans, we enjoy conversation more than we enjoy the lecture. Probably because we get to respond or add our views in the process.

Attempt to use the words “you” while writing your article. It makes readers feel the article is personalized. Also, ensure your articles are constructed to interact with readers and not at them. This also makes it feel like they’re in the conversation rather than being lectured.

2. Consistency is key

Earlier in this article, you read about blogging in a field you are familiar with. One of the mistakes most bloggers make is choosing to blog on ideas they don’t know much about just because it’s the trend.

Well, it’s not so much of a bad decision until they run out of ideas and are unable to post consistently or they just start posting on some other topics which make their audience wonder why the purpose of the blog has changed. Trust me, you don’t want your readers confused.

Writing on ideas you are comfortable about allows you to be consistent with your posts and also gives you the chance to express yourself. You don’t want to write because you have to, you want to write because you enjoy and have a passion for it.

That is the only way you can be consistent, either by delivering frequent quality articles or maintaining the idea that made people fall in love with your articles in the first place.

3. Write to engage

In blogging, quality is key. No matter what you do, no matter how you do it. Always ensure you are adding value to people who will take out time to read your articles, if not for anything, at least to be fair.

People should not feel they’ve wasted their time or they’ve not learned anything new after reading your article or visiting your blog. It will be difficult to get them to become return visitors.

Also, when people learn something by reading your blog posts, they will be prompted to drop a comment, either to seek more clarification, affirm what you have written about or just commend your work. This will guarantee that they will come back when next they get notified of your new article.

Traffic is good and all, but if those people are really not gaining anything from your posts, you’ll definitely lose them. And for businesses, the only way you can convert a lead is to provide value in the content you have provided otherwise, the potential customer will feel you are not the best in the industry and will turn to your competitors.

But if they get value by reading your post, they will not just patronize your business but also introduce it to their friends. Trust me, you want the effort of word of mouth behind your business.

4. Social media is your adrenaline

So you start a blog to share your experience, your knowledge or help people solve problems based on your expertise in a particular field. For all these to happen, you need people to read your blog.

You need to ensure that the things you are pushing out actually get to the people who need them. Truth be told, no one will be encouraged to keep writing and posting just for the articles to be stored on the net and not read by people who need them.

When you put in due diligence to rank your blog for keywords related to your niche, you will soon start getting traffic from search engines especially Google. But let’s be realistic, that will take a while. Yes, a while depending on how competitive the keywords are. But not to be afraid, there is the power of social media.

Think about it. When scrolling feeds on Instagram and you just stumble on a graphic with some texts or quotes on it, you pause for a while to read what’s on it right? That’s the idea. People tend to pay more attention to the text on images than in the caption. If you ever want them to read your caption at all, make a great graphic.

Before you start getting tons of traffic from search engines, you must leverage on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others to create awareness for your blog or notify your existing audience of a new article.

Cull a sentence or two from your new post, put it in a striking image and start sharing across social media platforms. You’ll soon be surprised by the number of traffic it will generate for your site.

This is because people will want to know more from where the little came from. Human beings can be curious you know. It is however important that you work on building your audience of real people on social media.

5. Be detailed as much as you can

The reason why you set out to blog in the first place is to share relevant information with people right? As the saying goes, “what is worth doing at all is worth doing well”.

To get blogging right,

  • Ensure your articles are detailed as much as possible.
  • Avoid long paragraphs.
  • Write like you are having a conversation so that your readers will read like they are having a conversation.
  • Make use of white spaces. Plenty of it.

This way, it will be a win-win situation. Your readers get more value by reading your detailed article about a topic and your blog gets more authority in your industry.

Google’s main purpose is to provide a solution to people’s problems. Quality solutions to ensure they don’t have to come back to research on the same topic.

The reason why a lengthy article will gain more authority with search engines is that Google expects it to be well-detailed. Articles between 1500 to 2000 words tend to perform well.

Mind you, stuffing up your post with irrelevant content just so it can be lengthy may get you penalized by Google.

We are pretty sure you don’t want that for your blog. Attempt to always provide the best and detailed answers for anyone who interacts with your article and you will soon be getting shares as though you paid for it. Well, you did pay for it.


There you have it all listed above, 5 important things to know before starting a blog.

As a recap, they are:

  • Write as though you are starting a blog.
  • Consistency is key.
  • Write to engage.
  • Social media is your adrenaline.
  • Lastly, be very detailed.

The key to successful blogging is that whatever you do, add value and be consistent about it. It’s not rocket science!

If you have any questions, kindly leave a comment below.

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