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7 Reasons why Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail

For a business to thrive in this era of new-age marketing – characterized by tough competition, it needs to consistently win its marketing game, both traditional and online. Although, online marketing continues to gain more ground in the world of marketing.

This has led to the integration of digital marketing strategies into the marketing efforts of businesses. Any company that wants to drive results now depend on their digital marketing strategies.

However, as effective as digital marketing strategies have proven to be, a lot of businesses still find it difficult to execute campaigns and get the desired result.

Little or no result from a digital marketing campaign could be a result of so many reasons which an average business owner may care too little to notice.

Right in this article, we’ll be dealing with the most dangerous of these reasons and how a business can tackle each reason to get better results on their digital marketing efforts.

7 reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail

1. Inability to streamline the effort

Digital marketing is a broad idea that encompasses a variety of elements that can be used to drive and achieve any business goal. As awesome as it sounds, the fact remains, not all the elements will always work for every business.

In the quest to get the best from digital marketing strategies, most businesses get on any and every platform and execute every campaign that has been reported to be effective.

This often stretches the business too thin in terms of resources and also deter business growth. For a digital marketing campaign to be successful, the effort has to be laser-focused on elements that best suit your audience.

It is important you avoid being persuaded to jump on every element and eventually find it difficult to measure your effort which is key in order to optimize for better results.

2. Unoptimized landing page or website

For any digital marketing campaign, the grand idea is to get visitors or existing customers to carry out a clearly defined action. This will be unattainable if visitors leave the landing page almost immediately hey get there. The bounce rate for the average landing pages is between 70% and 90%.

Users bounce off landing pages due to several reasons like inconsistency in your landing page content and your traffic source, slow loading page among others. All these are features that make for an unoptimized landing page.

If your digital marketing campaign will be successful in terms of driving relevant traffic and being able to convert them to buying customers, you have to ensure they don’t think you’re wasting their time or deceiving them just to get them on your site.

A grave mistake a marketer would make is to attract traffic by means of offering discount and get them to land on his web homepage. It’s even worse if they get to the product page and discover there’s actually no discount for the product that got their attention.

People don’t really have the time to start navigating from your homepage, trying to get to the product page. They’ll Immediately leave the page once they realize the content contradicts what pulled them in.

For visitors who are really interested in the product, they’ll leave you page and search for your competitors to patronize them. In the case of PPC, you’ve just created awareness for a visitor and one of your competitors has just reaped the result.

3. Lack of experience

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of guides across the internet which aims at helping businesses succeed in their digital marketing strategies. These guides, as helpful as they’ve proven to be, they still do not measure up to the personal experience gained.

One of the benefits you enjoy when you outsource your digital marketing effort to a digital agency is the fact that your campaign is handled by experts who have executed similar campaigns more than they can count and have a high success rate.

Not demeaning the idea of DIY. However, there’s no crime in getting it right the first time. Running digital marketing campaigns for your business by yourself is a good idea, only that it entails a few mistakes which of course could lead to a waste of money, time and effort.

However, hiring a competent and result-driven team to run your digital marketing campaign to grow your business will save you the stress and you can be assured of significant results.

4. Too many goals at a time

A common mistake made by business owners is that they believe since digital marketing is a system that works, they can kill as many birds as possible just with a stone.

That sure sounds wise right? However, in digital marketing, each goal has a specific strategy that works best for it. Trying to achieve too many goals at a go will lack focus which can confuse the buyer and lead to wastage of traffic.

To get maximum results possible from digital marketing campaigns, you should have a clearly defined goal. This will determine your plans in terms of content, channels, and ROI.

Trying to juggle many balls at a time will stretch you too thin and you may eventually not achieve measurable results for any of the goals.

5. Little or no understanding of the audience

Every digital marketing campaign is designed to create an awareness (of a move) by a business to its customers and to get them to perform a defined action regarding that move.

It is important that this pool of people is well understood by the marketer. Their interests, pain points, pursuits, even schedules. Knowing where your audience hangs out will help you avoid spending on irrelevant channels and you can direct your effort on the ones that work.

This is why digital marketers possess soft skills like empathy. It allows you to position yourself as the customer and view things from their standpoint.

Regardless of how valuable your content is, customers won’t realize it if it’s not communicated to them in the language they understand. As far as digital marketing is concerned, building the right buyer persona boosts a campaign’s success rate.

6. Failure to learn from competitors

Regardless of your perceived value in your industry, competitive research is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. Avoid thinking of this as copying your competitors. Rather, see it as learning from mistakes and doing better than what has been done.

An intending campaign might have been attempted by one of your competitors in the past, gaining knowledge on the performance and response from the audience would help you avoid some mishaps and of course, allows for better performance.

You should leverage the competitive analysis tools available to know what your competitors are doing, what they are not doing, how your brand is distinctively different and how you can communicate the difference convincingly to your audience.

7. Marketing instead of communicating value

It is common knowledge that human is the most difficult resource to manage. We all want to be in control of our decisions and our environments. Your customers are not any different.

No one wants to be sold to. Your digital marketing campaign must be perceived to provide solutions to problems rather than a sales strategy. Ensure your grand content is customer-centric.

Rather than talking about how great your product is, communicate why it will make people’s life easier. Regardless of how you choose to tell your story, always make the customer the hero.


Digital marketing is a sure way to drive the desired result for any desired business goal.

However, a campaign can be an utter failure if some subtle but very important factors are not considered.

As discussed, the reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail include

  • Inability to streamline the effort
  • Unoptimized landing page or website
  • Lack  of experience
  • Too many goals at a time
  • Little or no understanding of  the audience
  • Failure to learn from competitors
  • Marketing instead of communicating value

Do you know of other reasons why digital marketing campaigns fail? kindly communicate by dropping them in the comment section.

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